Detecting Permission to Access Photos

Been working on a little drawing toy for kids. Has a feature to enable a picture to be saved to the iPad’s Photos. This works fine.

The problem is that if users go into the Settings app and turn access to Photos off, I need to be able to detect it. Currently it looks like picture is saved, but it is not.

Well, you would usually initiate the export and get an error code if it’s forbidden, so you can inform people.

e.g. see iOSPictureMBS module in MBS Xojo Plugins.


I’ll look into your plug in, but I’m not receiving an error.

You get the callback and NSErrorMBS object is nil?

Also check PHPhotoLibraryMBS class for authorization.

This really seems like something Xojo should support natively without the need for a plugin…


There should probably be a Failed event on MobileSharingPanel to deal with this. At the moment there are only two events, Completed or Cancelled.

@Bob_Gordon you might want to file a Feedback case.

They can’t do all…
And I have a few compiler bugs, which I would like to see fixed sooner…