Desktopseparator class most event handlers doesn't work

I created a desktop project in xojo. In my mainwindow I put only one control, a desktopseparator. But most of the event handler of this class doesn’t seem to work. I can’t have fired the MouseDown, MouseUP, MouseDrag, KeyDown event handlers. The only event handler that work properly, in my opinion, are the MouseEnter and MouseExit event handlers.
What are the prerequisites to trigger the above mentioned events?
many thanks for your efforts in advance


Did you read:

BTW: in the search window of the documentation , desktopseparator does not exist; but DesktopSeparator.

Yes I read it but it was of no help. Nothing of the things written there solve the problem.

I suspect that many of the descriptions in the “new” documentation simply are a copy of their parent class
and that most of the events and methods are not implemented…

this explanation makes sense to me

I am also not able to get them to work. The only one I was able to get to work consistently was MouseMove.

Same here after checking with Sonoma/Xojo 2023r3.

If you try to an an event to a DesktopSeparator, they are all there to be chosen from.

@Roger_Kaufmann , are you saying that you implement these evsnts but they don’t seem to fire? I don’t know how thick a DesktopSeparator is, but it seems to me that MouseDown on one would be quite difficult to actually do, with the mouse. What are you hoping to do with the other events?

After testng: I couldn’t get MouseDown to fire, but MouseMove did fire.

I implemented them and they do not fire…

I changed the size and location since I saw nothing in the window to 0,0,100,100. I cannot miss the clik on it…

And MouseMove works fine.

Time to file an Issue then, asking:

  1. Which events are available and will fire

  2. Please update the docs to reflect this

Or activate the Events (in case some troubles happened and these events are meant to work).

Or ask for an explanation on how to work with it (since it is invisible at run time, how are we meant to use it )

I’m replying to this because I’m experiencing the same issue. I can add one thing: it’s a regression.
I don’t know when this became broken, but one of my apps was able to use MouseDown, MouseDrag and MouseUp events on a DesktopSeparator, until recently, to act like a moveable splitter. I eventually noticed this wouldn’t work anymore and, only today, managed to take a look at it and, indeed, only MouseEnter, MouseExit and MouseMove work in recent Xojo releases.
As far as I can tell, the only unexpected property while debugging the DesktopSeparator is its Active property that is set to false, even when AllowAutoDeactivate is false. That’s not enough to make a guess, just the only clue I have.

So yes, Roger, it had worked earlier and I could not find a mention that it was no longer supported.

Did anybody ever file an Issue about this? I concur with your statement about which events work.

My searches haven’t returned results, so I made one just now.