DesktopListBox.ScrollPosition will not reset if HasVerticalScrollBar=False

I was hunting an issue in my App, where the Content of ListBoxes suddenly was missing, but the Debugger revealed that the Content was there. It was just not visible anymore.

After trying everything for months, we found out that if the contents of a ListBox are changed while the VerticalScrollBar is disabled, the ScrollPosition is not updated. This can result in the changed content of the ListBox not being visible.

After I found the error, it was very easy to create an example project. Please vote for this issue, because the error is not easy to detect if you are not aware of this possible error.

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@Rick_Araujo found out that not only the ScrollPosition, but also the LastRowIndex (and who knows what else) are not updated while the vertical scrollbar is turned off. :frowning:

Thanks for your help @Rick_Araujo :slight_smile:

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I couldn’t confirm this.

However, your observation at least gives some indication that something is wrong :blush:

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I could could confirm that ScrollPosition gets read only (should not) when HasVerticalScrollbar = False

The scrolling engine should work independently (controllable by code) of the presence of a ScrollBar

Looks like the engineers made some assumptions causing some dependency.

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