DesktopHTMLViewer rendered Windows

DesktopHTMLViewer doesn’t seems to offer using the Native renderer or Webkit for Windows.
Which one is now used?

Always Chromium

So that is an extra weight of 100MB ??
Why is the option removed? That just doesn’t makes any sense.

Internet Explorer is dead.

WebView2 is already available via WebView2ControlMBS and DesktopWebView2ControlMBS in MBS Plugins. Enjoy!

The last time this came up in the circle of topics, I was very much in agreement with Anthony. I’d much rather have the consistency, and I think it’s easier for new Xojo users as well.

Microsoft has dropped Internet Explorer, in favor of Edge, which is based on Chromium, just like DesktopHTMLViewer.

I too am resistant to add the Chromium bloat to my Windows applications. My HTMLviewers just render simple tables and my home-rolled help manuals. I don’t feel I need to be more than half the size of Firefox to do this, :slight_smile:

On Windows I am using Christian’s WebView2 plugin when available. On older systems I am falling back to the old HTMLViewer, where I know IE rendering won’t be a problem. I recently finished dragging my major projects (with only minor kicking and screaming) into full DesktopControl compliance. On Windows I am making this one exception.

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Why does this have to be supplied externally to the app as an extra 100Mbyte load. If all apps under Windows, such as Edge, now use the new renderer, I might have expected the 100Mbyte of stuff to already be part of Windows.


Our plugin uses WebView2, a component included with Windows.

Xojo uses Chromium, which comes as a set of DLLs, so you don’t depend on Windows to have WebView2 callback.

So, you have three variations available:

  • Internet Explorer with HTMLViewer
  • Chromium with HTMLViewer or DesktopHTMLViewer
  • WebView2 with MBS Plugins.

I agree. If this is the default for Windows now, no need to add an extra 100MB weight load.

If memory serves, if we ignore the multiple crashes people have in Windows due to unstable installs of the system browser (don’t expect a not updated Windows 7, 8, 8.1 with webview2 working for example, expect some Windows 7 even worse, like having an IE engine broken), Xojo had problems with ExecuteJavascript() using some system engines, and CEF fixed it. That said, NOW I agree that being able to choose the WebView2 system engine and it working ok with the Xojo Javascript bridge, it could be great. I would opt for that for Win10+ installs only.