DesktopHTML on Linux

I’m using Ubuntu 20.4 on a Virtual Machine (Mac Intel). The DesktopHTML is not displaying anything. At first my virtual machine had only 1 GB of memory and it was displaying this message.

I assigned 7 GO of ram. I don’t have the message anymore. The progress bar is displayed as a visual feedback when the content is loaded but nothing appears. How to check if WebKit is installed?

UPDATE: it’s working with Linux Mint 19. So what is missing in Unbuntu ?

The HTMLViewer uses libwebkit2gtk .
On both systems run:

sudo apt search libwebkit | grep -i installed

That will show which versions of the libraries are installed. If you run the app from the terminal on Ubuntu do you get any errors in the terminal?

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You can check as Adam says. But an error like this is strange on Ubuntu. In my experience Ubuntu should play nice out-of-the-box. This includes a 20.04 LTS ARM version that I just set up.

From your error message, I infer that the HTMLViewer is finding WebKit but the problem occurs thereafter. An absence of WebKit, if you didn’t check first, should throw a catchable HTMLViewerException (with these, I throw the content to the user’s browser.) I am having a similar issue with one particular distro. In my Intel VM farm are two different Gentoos (Gentii? :slight_smile: ), one “stable” and one cutting-edge. On the latter, even with a simple test project, loading WebKit causes the program to simply hang, requiring a force-quit. This seems to be a recent development.

Updated Ubuntu to 22.04 and no issue !