DesktopDateTimePicker cant get focus on Windows 10 when listbox selected

Feedback Case Number: 67173

In a simple app, i drop an datetimepicker and a listbox with 5 pre added rows from the IDE
if you select the dateTimePicker at first, no problem using arrows on the keyboard
but if you select something in the ListBox, you can’t use the arrows on the keyboard

Mac side, no problem
Windows side, any idea ?

PS : i tried to force the GetFocus on the DateTimePicker … it doesn’t work

Workarounds : using MouseOver (the only one that fires) setFocus on me… it’s ugly

The control is a dogs dinner in windows as it is, you can’t even tab over to the time.

The bug has been in there for a few releases now <> and it was even migrated to the new Desktop controls without it being fixed.

Other than digging into wndproc and checking messages etc you’ve probably got the best temporary workaround, either mouseover or mouse down/up.

Here’s a tweet from Geoff where he likes to publicly shame companies about their work, at least it’s on his mind…


Happy New Year Etienne and Julian.

Isn’t that normal that the control that has the focus gets the the keyboard inputs ? Though not being able to tab to the control is awkward though.

Happy New Year Gilles

The problem is that after moving to the listbox, when you move focus back to the datetimepicker keyboard input no longer works as its left in the listbox.

I love it when someone is being critical about someone else’s work but doesn’t have the time to look over what they wrote and find their own misspellings…

Love the image of the post from Geoff Perlman where he says the app looks like it “feel” out of the ugly tree instead of “fell” out of the ugly tree! lol… Just makes them look very ignorant… Funny, but ignorant! :slight_smile:

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the bug at 2021r3 is
if datepicker get focus the desktop listbox not loose the focus.
you can see that listbox lostfocus if you put a button beside.

Yes i found a workaround with mouseOver (the only one that triggers)

Yes the quality is a problem. In every new release I’m scared that i will loose enormous time to retro fit my code. They AGAIN change the names of classes and objects… To be honest, I’m tired of this

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lose (not loose).

thanks for the correction. Question : how many language do you speek ?

At one time, French well enough to be able to counsel the Swiss girl living across the road from me in Geneva, when she was having trouble with her English boyfriend. The same year someone in the Midi asked me if I was Vaudois. It helped that we were using a French computer at CERN, along with French engineers.

But this was all 40 years ago.