DesktopContainer not handling clicks

I’m using a desktop container in a window to act as a dropdown menu, like the ones that are typical on iOS (pops down from the right top side)

On win, and only on win, the controls within it don’t receive clicks. In fact the container itself isn’t receiving clicks where those controls are.

In the app, any click on anything else outside the “menu” causes it to close.

I’ve tried making it visible vs invisible to show hide, and to move it on and off the visible area of the window. Both ways have the same results, the clicks aren’t being caught as if the buttons on that container were at a different Z-order from the rest of the controls on screen, while they should be at the front.

Not sure how to address this and it’s sucking up way too much time.

Any input would be appreciated.

Any chance you have they container within a tab panel? Way back in REAL Studio placing controls in a container in a tab would release all manor of demons in the program. I haven’t had the issue for a couple of years.

BTW. There was no work around as far as i remember.

A container on top of a tan panel.
I gave up and implemented with a window without title bar.
Not a horrible effort. Just always a bit frustrated when xplat ≠ xplat.