DesktopContainer has no CancelClosing event

Hi all
A DesktopContainer can be embedded into a window.
But it can be displayed without a window (myContainer.Show, or ShowModal or ShowPopover).
That’s great but… it has no CancelClosing event.
This kind of event is useful for example to save data from UIcontrols.
The Closing event fires but too late : the window has been emptied of its content.

Pretty sure this came up recently. I think the solution was to save the contents of each control as it changes or looses focus.

Where is the icon people will click to fire the Close() event of a container? That’s why it does not need a CancelClosing() event. You, the designer of the behavior of the surface where the container is, can control that. If you need a CancelClosing(), embed the container in a Window of the proper type you desire to use for that task.


Sometimes we think that the container is used directly but at least a container-popover is inside a window.
You can see a margin around the container.