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I ask you, is there any way to make a desktop form to present a sheet in PDF and have the person fill it out and then print it, save the information in sqlite, but make the form go up or down to be able to fill it out easily.

Thank you

Everything except the SQLite part is built into PDF readers already. The trick is that PDFs are made to submit forms to a website so technically you could redirect that to a server socket within your own app and capture it that way if you wanted.

Hi Greg, the idea sounds interesting , could you maybe give us some hints on how we could get the data from that pdf side and stream that to the server socket .

Thanks .

It’s not rocket science. You use a tool that’s made for adding form fields to a pdf to overlay them right onto your elements and then add a form target url. Years ago I used Adobe Acrobat, but I there are several other tools that do this now too.

Then you just need to make a socket that can handle http requests. Nothing fancy though as you’re only taking local requests.

Hi @Aurelian_N

If it helps for your needs, you can find the “Creating PDF Forms” project among the examples available from the Xojo IDE.

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i install XOJO 2023r1.1 and no have examples projects

They’re online now. Just go to the project chooser and it’ll download on demand

@Javier_Menendez - it would be fantastic if there was a search function available for the examples, right in that viewer.

This is from 2023R2:

or you mean something else?

No, that’s it. I’m not using r2 as @Alexis_Colon_Lugo is using 1.1

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ok, i am going to check

the example work “Creating PDF Forms”, but how i can get the data from the PDF file to save it and print

thanks for all help

Hi @Alexis_Colon_Lugo

Probably you can find useful this video:

Go straight to the section where the example is run and shows the two options you can use to get the data from the PDF form (± 5’:57")

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