Desktop or Pro License

Sorry to ask another licensing question, although there don’t seem to be too many new (aka recent) ones out there.

I’ve only been looking at Xojo for the last 16-20 hours, if that (and I slept in that time too!) but I really like what I see. I’ve started on two little apps, one communicates with a serial port and although untested at this stage, I don’t have any qualms with what I am seeing.

My question stems from which license best suits me, TBH I really only need the desktop license which suits me perfectly because I work predominantly on linux and Mac OSX (probably linux more) but my primary development will be for a windows PS in our front of house. I would probably only compile for windows as a rule, but may also try it on either of the other systems.

as such, desktop is ample.

However, I love the idea of taking my app(s) to the app store but the price jump is significant (understandably so, it’s not a complaint). But if I decide to go desktop and do at a later stage take the plunge into mobile or web development, is there an avenue to upgrade from desktop to pro, or would it be a whole separate purchase?

The amount of time left in the license is counted against the update. If you don’t need the Pro license right now save your money and just buy what you need.

There is an upgrade path from Desktop to Pro, and you can upgrade at any time. The upgrade price is calculated as a new Pro license discounted by the value remaining in the current Desktop license and you can check the price in the store. If you have any other questions, you can contact us at