DeskTop ListBox with ComboBox

ComboBox can be placed into cells in the ListBox

how this works

Example from

or this

The download of the example is forbidden, and there seems to be no way to sign up on the page.


Hi Axel

Great. Thanks :slight_smile:

Try out my MagicListbox:

I really like MLB Simon nice work :slight_smile:

Thanks, nice example.

However when you have a combo box active and resize the window (for example to see more info in other columns) then the combo box does not move with the column.

Can be fixed by putting

if theContainer <> nil then
end if

into the Resizing event of the window (though that is not very OOP).

[quote=162953:@Simon Berridge]Try out my MagicListbox:[/quote]
is this dead? :frowning:

It appears it is now here:

No, Travis has posted the link.

However, you can try this: specialListbox. It is the one that I now use.