DeskTop Canvas MouseDrag = on WebCanvas

DeskTop Canvas MouseDrag = on WebCanvas

There is no MouseDrag event. The server would never be able to react fast enough.

Pardon ?
Are you asking what the Desktop canvas mouse drag equivalent is on the web ?
If so - there isn’t one

FYI - you might write the entire question in Spanish (I assume) then use google translate to convert it to english
Better formed questions will get better responses


yes i need the MouseDrag event on web to move my app from desktop.

so no equivalent on webCanvas

What are you doing that requires MouseDrag?

i need to move the mouse with the left button click to draw

You will need a custom control for that function. The latency is just too slow to make dragging & then drawing with Xojo code fast enough for a good user experience. A control created with the WebSDK might get you what you need though. I think there is at least one “signature pad” type control available from a 3rd party developer.