Desktop App to Control Movement of Robot


I am currently trying to build a desktop app that is connected to a raspberry pi in order to move a robot when a button is pressed. I am currently having trouble understanding the GPIO pins and how to use them using the xojo language. I do have the motors working using python however. Thus, I wanted to see if there was a way that when I press the button on Xojo I can use the GPIO pins to move the DC motors. Or since I already have the code in python is there a way I can use that code on Xojo? PLEASE HELP This a project that needs to be done REALLY SOON! Thank you!

I was able to learn from this project.

Do the tutorials they link work? Like the link to access them? Because it doesn’t with me.

I can see that they use servo motors. But, I am confused because they don’t do it when the button is pressed. Right now I am having problems, that when the button is pressed it stays pressed and I don’t see it doing anything else. I can’t press any other button either.

Using the GPIO is more like a hack than a feature, I would not recomend to use it like this.

Yes, this is the bes option, you can do a good interface with xojo and send commands to the python code. This can be done with sockets for example.

Sorry, I am really new xojo! How would this work? Can I have like a tutorial?

You are right, those links don’t work. These do.

If i test the code through the debugger, instead of building the app would it still function and move the servo motors? Also, with this code, if I put it on a button. It should work when the action is " pressed " correct?

Because I do know I tested this code, but I’m not sure if it can be properly tested if I do it through the debugger.

It should work when remote debugging on the raspberry pi.

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I thought I would add a picture of what I am trying to do to. Also, I dont know if i understand how to properly translate the python code to xojo language.
Screenshot 2022-11-04 230614

for the desktop app i would use tcp connection.
tcp network can be used with python.
and you can enable/install access to gpio via tcp at your pi too.

tcp is very simple. one device listen at a given port. the other connect.
after connection you can read/write data bidirectional.

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Strongly, strongly, recommend that you purchase this book if trying to work with electronics and Xojo.

You need to use PiGPIO now as wiringPI is no longer maintained.


it is no longer maintained? WHATT all xojo forums tell you to get wiringpi if you are going to work with GPIOs i-

Afraid so.

The nature of the Internet and technology mean many resources go out of date.

Hello Karla, for such things im living in the world of AutoSar, Vector , Mathlab. and many more on the globe,

I suggest to have the low level logic in a python app, where u get all the libs and then have a consumer ( lets call it Xojo app) for the interaction working with standards like sockets, streams on a very simple protocoll ( Telegrams).

Benefit No1 : you can test and debug them independently: which makes your life much easier.
Benefit No2 : you have the libs interfaces, which are deployed / maintained with the devices.
Btw : it’s also possible to separate it physically by adding a arduino to the pi ( like a subsystem )

BR Rainer

Node-RED is maybe useful for u, it have a ui designer and a web frontend.
it is installed at pi. can be accessed by browser at phone,tablet,desktop pc.
u need java-script knowlegde for this.

I decided to get the book that helps you out with how to control the movement like i wanted but I am not having trouble understanding the code. I am currently getting this error.

Hello @karla_gonzalez ,

From the screen grabs, it appears that this is a Raspberry Pi 4b with PiGPIO. I don’t understand the error that Xojo is seeing, and if you go to page 29 of the book, there is a section called QuickStart that shows how to get Xojo and Raspberry Pi setup to run an LED blinking test. Could I ask that the QuickStart steps be tried first before starting to troubleshoot the program?

Warm regards :slight_smile:

The Sub / End Sub shouldn’t be in the code editor. Remove those lines and the error will go away.

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