Designing Plugins using Xojo

I read somewhere that the Xojo IDE was itself written using Xojo. Would that include the library of control objects? If so, wouldn’t it be nice if we could design our own plugins using Xojo?

I ask this because I just finished my first custom control button but it, as well as other custom controls I’ve seen, suffer one drawback. Each instance of a custom control dragged to a window appears as just a plain ol’ rectangle. Not very pleasing or informative.

Seemingly there is not yet a possibility to show the control in design mode. My knowledge of Xojo lacks on this point, but showing a bitmap of the control in design mode would benefit greatly.

Only possible for custom web controls AFAIK.

Alexander, if you use a Canvas control as the foundation for the control, you can always use an icon for a Backdrop. It’s better than a plain rect but setting other properties like Caption or Textcolor do nothing.