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Shorts Designer

Shorts Designer is a tool I developed for my personal use. I am open sourcing the code as a thank you to the RB, RS, Xojo community which I have enjoyed being a member of for the last 15 years. The Designer component requires BKeeney Software’s Shorts reporting tool. This is a commercial product which I chose to use due to it’s flexibility and support. Designer is intended to be a simple banded reporting tool. It is not a universal, do everything under the sun, reporting tool. Shorts, on the other hand, can do just about anything if you take the time to learn it’s usage. I felt the ease of a GUI for simple reporting coupled with the power of being able to manually create, through code, any difficult reports was a natural fit.

What it is

  • Simple Banded Report Designer
  • Header, Grand Summary leading, multiple breaks leading, body, multiple breaks trailing, grand summary trailing and footer bands.
  • Connects to SQLite, CubeSQL, ODBC, PostgreSQL and MySQL (at this time)
  • Band level conditional formatting using XojoScript and contextual commands
  • Temporary views (temp tables for MySQL) can be created and saved as part of the report
  • Saved report files are simple JSON which can be used with BKeeney Shorts or your own system
  • If foreign keys are used all relationship paths are built automatically. If not you can add them and they will be saved within the report file.
  • SQL generated automatically and queries use prepared statements.

What it is not

  • An advanced designer
  • Supported - Although development is ongoing and I am very interested in all feedback there is no official support implied. BKeeney software is planning on releasing a supported version of the code for users of BKeeney Shorts.


  • BKeeney Software for Shorts which inspired this project
  • Oliver Osswald for his imSplitter control
  • All the snippets, used throughout, from the RB/RS/Xojo forums


  • Untested in Linux
  • You can use the BKS Shorts Demo to try the designer in Xojo’s Debug environment. You just won’t be able to view reports if compiled without a license.

Documentation included in the repository.

GitHub Repository

Great job, Peter!

This will become part of the official BKS Shorts distribution package which means you’ll be able to add it to your own project and modify as see fit. The release will probably not happen for a couple of weeks.

Now I can’t refuse to buy a Short license anymore.

Simply Amazing @Peter Fargo. Brilliant! :slight_smile:

Thanks @Peter Fargo

Well done @Peter Fargo, this is a great contribution to the Xojo community.