Design WebContainer in 2.0

I can’t figure out how the new 2.0 framework behaves when I try to draw WebContainers with the same code as 1.0. First of all it takes a lot longer to load and this worries me. It should be much faster and it’s not… maybe because setting LockLeft,LockTop takes too much time to calculate the coordinates?

In addition I get different graphical results. I attach two photos and the two test projects 1.0 and 2.0.

Any idea or suggestion for drawing with the new framework?

Example 1.0
Example 2.0

The issues with API 2 and performance versus API 1 is why I maintain a 2017r3 install on my main Mac dev system. API 2 still has a long way to go before it provides the performance and usability that API 1 provided.

The simply act of being able to define style components within the IDE alone is worth retaining the older IDE.

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Sure but in fact mine are only tests both to help improve the new framework and to prepare my project for a future conversion without too many problems. I’m also trying to understand all the new features and if it’s really convenient or not. My production web app will still use the old framework.

Another doubt I have is about how the HashTag works in webpages. In version 1.0 if I set the hasTag the session event does not trigger. While in 2.0 as soon as I set for example Session.HashTag = “Hello” the event activates. Do I have to manage semaphore variables or is it a bug?

The problem is that interacting with the apps seem so much faster to me. Pushing updates out to a page that didn’t result from a user action on the page are so much improved it’s worth figuring out the others and making bug reports as needed.

Those two pictures do indeed indicate a problem, something in the layout of the things isn’t quite right, please definitely get it into feedback. Also I hope you don’t have to manually set lock left and right anymore, I have it in my head that the bug that required you do to that in code in the old version no longer applies to the new version and it should honor the settings in the IDE which the old version did not reliably for me. So experiment with that.

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Unfortunately the properties must be set by hand because the new default layout management is set to Flex and if you want to draw controls in precise positions you must always use EmbedWithin but with the various LockLeft,LockTop. Surely if the error is not caused by something I missed I will open a new case of feedback. Thanks