Design/Control Choice

I’m not sure on the approach or control choice for what I would think is pretty standard App View.

I want one of my views to basically show several news updates in the one scrollable view.

I want to use a socket to download a file that would contain a series of urls to photo, text, photo, text etc (no problem coding that)

What is the best approach to display that?

There are basically two different ways of doing it.

  1. Use an iOSTable with custom cells.

  2. If you want more control over what is displayed, the possibility to show two news updates side to side you can try iOSFlexGrid:
    With Flexgrid you first design one or more ContainerControls then setup the contents of the containers with the socket response.
    Finally, each container added to FlexGrid will be automatically re-arranged depending on screen size/orientation and container min/max size.

Flexgrid is one of the major components used in my app Packr:

Thanks Jeremie, just made the purchase and will give it a go.


Hi Jeremie,

I think there is an issue with the alignment example, which doesn’t appear to be working. I will experiment a bit more and contact you off list.


Problem solved by email.

I will soon upload a new FlexGrid update on to fix this issue.