Deselect a Segmented Control?

I have a window (window1) which has a segmented control on it (segmentedControl1).
The segmented control starts off with no segments highlighted - but once a segment has been clicked on - it remains highlighted (blue colour).

I have tried window1.refresh and also segmentedControl1.ClearFocus in order to deselect all the segments, to no avail.
Does anyone know how to make all segments deselected, and where I need to insert the code?

Thank you all in advance.

For i As Integer = SegmentedControl1.Items.Ubound DownTo 0
  // get the reference to the segment
  Dim s As SegmentedControlItem = SegmentedControl1.Items( i )
  //see if the segment was selected
  If s.Selected Then s.selected=false

the lang ref is your friend

Thanks Dave.