Deprecations in Xojo OS support??

Is Mac Os X 10.6 seriously deprecated by Xojo? I am sure some of the opperating systems on the list of depricated OSes are very new. Does it just mean they have stopped testing it on them OSs or does a compiled app not work on them versions.


Not yet. Xojo 2013r3.3 will run on and build for Snow Leopard, as indicated here:

If you need to continue to build for Snow Leopard, keep 2013r3.3 around for that. Snow Leopard users with adequate hardware get a free upgrade to 10.9 from Apple, so this is not as big of a deal as it might appear.

The reason Xojo sets a minimum and continually move it up is that, especially on Mac OS, new versions of the OS give them new capabilities they can roll into runtime libraries and the IDE if they accept new minimums. And from a “where the buyers are” perspective, nobody loses any sales in the Mac world by supporting only the current OS major release and the immediately previous one. Nobody.

Thanks, I shall not worry then. :wink:

A developper of a Shareware I bought asked his users :

Statistic he sent me :

Do not keep Mac OS X 10.6.x compatibility: 782 Keep Mac OS X 10.6.x compatibility: 4 I do not care less : 1

I post this because of previous discussion about Snow Leopard. And maybe some of you ask themselves exactly this question.

Note : I answered NO, he doesn’t have to support 10.6 , even if I’m still under Snow Leopard. I also answered this because Xojo doesn’t support 10.6 .

RIP Snow Leopard, I’m sorry :’( . I still don’t know if I will install Mavericks or not :confused: .