Deploying web app

I’m a newbie to web apps. I have designed one using 2017 r4.1 on Windows platform which runs fine in development but I’m at a loss as to how to actually get it online. I purchased the Web module thinking that would give me iCloud access but I now have discovered iCloud access has a monthly cost. I don’t really know what this web version I purchased (having already purchased the Desktop Full version) does.

I’ve looked for answers but I’m not seeing any. I watched one webinar where Paul developed an app and deployed it with a click but I don’t see how that happens.

Excuse my ignorance but what I need to know is: 1) How do I deploy this web app I’ve created? 2) Did I need to buy the web version in addition to the Desktop Full version? 3) And finally, do I need to buy the monthly iCloud or is there another way – a cheaper way – for me to deploy.

Let me add this brief description of my project. It’s a reader for song files which includes a big file of songs my church has collected and written over the years (2500 songs) and this app allows the user to search for one and display it. Simple.

Yes, you need Xojo Web Edition. Can’t do this with the Desktop Edition. And the easiest way is to make sure the Build Deployment Type is set to CGI.

If you want to use Xojo Cloud, which is probably the easiest way to do this, you need to buy a license for that. Then, hitting the Deploy button will work for you, doing it in a single step.

For a less expensive alternative, you can use, which is what I use. However, it’s not a simple “press this button to deploy” alternative. To do this, you’ll need an SFTP client to do the uploading for you.

Probably a good idea to read up on all this at before you go much further.

Thanks, Ralph. Very clear and concise. I have been reading up and am starting to understand the basics. I appreciate the link to serverwarp. Since I’m only doing one app at this point, something that will be used in-house (well, maybe a couple thousand people) paying a monthly fee of $50 is a bit steep. I’ll check it out. I’ve also got my guru buddy helping me out.

Again, much appreciated. The forum has been a big help to me. Not a pro here, obviously, but I have been able to cobble together software for myself and others learning by doing. The forum here usually makes it much easier.

Oh, one last question. I was able to develop the web code in my Desktop Edition. And when I purchased the Web Edition, nothing downloaded. I did go to the license menu and was able to add the Web version but nothing really changed. Was I supposed to get a new version?

You don’t get a new version. What has changed is that you can now Build a Web application with Xojo now, by pressing the Build button.

Ah. I see. Thanks again.

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