Deploying Web App on Linux


I have followed all instructions from documentation to deploy a web test app to Linux Centos 6.7 64 bit, inlcuding adding 32 bit support libraries.

The web app is cgi, the web server runs ok, I installed FastCgi libraries, but I keep receiving the following error (Apache logs) cannot enable executable stack as shared object requires: Permission denied

I already checked permissions for files in "app_name Libs"and made sure they are 755

Most instructiosn taken from

Any help appreciated.

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Make sure the containing directory is also 755. You might have the executable and the libs folder with the right permissions but not the directory they’re in.

If you can SSH in to the machine and start the application via the command line you might be more information.

Thank you Bob. I was able to run the application, but only after building a 32 Bit Centos 6.7 VM.

I will, as many here, wait for the native 64 bit support in Xojo. :slight_smile:

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Not to say that XOJO 2015R2.X does not support the FASTCGI mode?