Deploying MAC OSX (Cocoa) app

Hi all,
I have built an app in Xojo on Windows 8.1 for Mac OSX, and am looking at the folder structure now. How would I set up everything so that an installer can install the project and it will work ok on a Mac (in this case, a Mavericks virtual machine)?

I see the Frameworks folder, that stuff is necessary for the XOJO project to run, I assume?

I see a MacOS folder next, and what seems to be a single large file with my projects name on it. Is this the main project .EXE so to speak?

Next is the Resources folder, with some external graphics and files in it. This I assume is any external music and graphics files that the project needs to access? Can I add more external files to this if not all of them were merged directly into the project itself but may be needed?

For my installer, do I leave this folder structure as is for it to work the way it did in the IDE?

Thank you in advance for any help!

if you move that “folder” to a real Mac. it will “magically” appear as a “single” file… in reality it still is a folder… but OSX treats it differently. Win doesn’t know any better and displays it multi level folder.

Basically for Mac you do not need an “installer”… you would either deploy the “APP” file… ZIP it, or create a PKG or DMG…