Deploying and CopyFiles Build Step

I’m deploying a project now with a lot of required dynamic link libraries.
I’d like to only upload them one time and then turn off that copy step.

I am goign to try to get them to work out of the app.executablefile.parent path (which is what I am doing on Mac and Windows), and I’ll find out if they are deleted with subsequent deployments… but I’m wondering if there is a preferred way to handle this.

I can’t get access to the /usr/lib/ directory (nor should I).

When doing a copy-files build step for Xojo cloud, what is the Frameworks folder going to point to?

Suggestions anyone?


Use Frameworks. That will put the files in the Libs folder.

BTW, you can test this yourself by doing a Linux Web app build.

I got the paths all figured out.


Now I’m struggling to get the libs to behave as expected. I’m likely going to have to get a Linux box to test with.

If you have parallels or VMware, just set up a centos 6.5 vm.