Deploy Xojo web test app on MAMP

The documentation says about using MAMP:

If you want to install a web server on macOS, consider using MAMP.

But it doesn’t say anything on how to get a web app on MAMP.

I’m guessing that the test app goes into /bin. Is this correct? How to I open the test app? How can I check the correct port?

Xojo Web builds are web servers, you don’t need MAMP. The docs could use some elaboration on why you might want MAMP, but you don’t need it.

On macOS, the app can go wherever you want it to live and you have permissions for.

Launch it with the command line or set up a service.

The port will be what you set it to in the Build Settings or if you provide the command line parameters, what you chose there.


Thanks, I had wondered about that. Having a unsigned app in 2022 isn’t a good idea. But I got it working:
Screenshot 2022-01-26 at 17.03.31


For me, there is another problem: I do have 2 ‘normal’ Websites running with Mamp. A 3rd Xojo-Website (for testing) is running on the same server, but I am probably too stupid to configure Mamp in a way to find the Xojo-Side if I do not include the port in the web address ( - works fine, doesn’t work). The only thing I know ist, that something similar used to work (some years ago).

The one with the port woks anyway, even without MAMP.