Deploy web app with SSL

Hi all,

I am almost ready to deploy my first Xojo web app and would like to make it more secure with SSL. I am learning how to incorporate SSL into my app, I read this from Xojo forum:

“Standalone can serve SSL pages (2014r3 is required because of a bug we fixed), whereas CGI relies on the web server on the server (Apache, Nginx, LigHttp, etc)”

SSL topic in xojo doc also demonstrate with standalone app.

Does this mean cgi cannot work with SSL?

No, CGI’s SSL is managed by the web server. You configure the server (eg: Apache) to use SSL and you run your web app with https:// (or redirect it), then the security is managed with the web server’s certs.

So I don’t have to add any code in my app to use with SSL if deploy with CGI?

Hey Tony. Your assumption is correct.

Thanks all