and differences

When I visit the complete page is always loaded (information, invoice, photo). Also when I reload I get a warning in Chrome about the reload.


but when I visit most of the time the page is without information/invoices/photo and I never get a reload warning in Chrome (I do get the warning in Safari/Firefox):

I’m using MacBook Pro Catalina.

Anyone else?

I am worried about showing a page without the full information. After 4 or 5 reloads I get this:

that’s what I expect every time I load/reload the page.

Similar experience for me - as noted in Eddies Electronics Web App the version on is built with 2020R1

Edit to add: I don’t have the problem with missing Reload warning, but I do see issues with missing pictures, and sometimes the list of names fails to load fully.

I suspect this is all related to the problem that 2021 R3 has with being behind a proxy server:

Mike, are you saying that with 2021r3 you also see sometimes the page loads without the info/invoices/photo?

I have a reload warning not shown with Chrome that it only happens to me.

I got a response that using Windows 11 they always get the correct page for
I just want to know if this happens (missing information on load) to someone else with mac. Thanks.

Correct, although parts are missing only about 1 out of 10 loads.

The initial load fails about 90% of the time (Brittanie Adams data). Here’s a screenshot showing 2021R3 on the left, 2020 R1 on the right (Both in Chrome on macOS):

Once I click a name on the left, the 2021 R3 vesion usually loads (but maybe 5% of the time, something is missing).

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I see the same behavior, maybe its the release, the one in says 2020r1 and the one in xojocloud 2023r3.

Other than that, the loading speed in xojocloud is REALLY slow, maybe a lot of users in a shared server or the 2023r3 is even worse in loading speeds.

Could you upload an app compiled in 2020r1 to compare?

I don’t have XojoCloud access, that URL and compilation were done by someone else in the forum.