Demo Class Have I Been Pwned

Have been working on a class which interfaces the REST API of

For my purposes, I am writing an application which will use a list of email addresses and check to see if they have been pwned and if so, report it.

Here is a link on Google Drive to the project and documentation if anyone is interested in having a look or using it:

Standard disclaimer applies, I make no warranty to it’s fitness for purpose, you use it at your own peril. It is just a demo so does not have exhaustive error checking. Hopefully the documentation and code is pretty much self explanatory. I use the Chilkat plugin so you will need to have that installed in the right directories. You can use the plugin in demo mode, documentation is on the Chilkat site here:

I have used the Chilkat Plugin on a number of projects and am well chuffed with ease of use and comprehensive feature set. Not associated with Chilkat, just a happy customer.

Written using Xojo 2016 R4.1 (I really must stump up for a new license) and developed on Windows. Not tested on any other platform yet.

Constructive feedback is always welcome and appreciated and I would also be grateful for a shout out if you do reuse the Class.


I wrote a class for their API a while back. have not tested it recently but should still work.

take a gander at it and see if you can use it as a reference.