Deleting from WebFileUploader

I’m working on an app where the user can attach one or more files to a record using the WebFileUploader. I can upload the files without any problems (so far), but I cannot quite figure out how to delete a file from the uploader prior to the upload being triggered. The WebFileUploader example project seems to allude to the fact that it can be done, but no code is implemented to do so. I figure that WebUploadedFile is an array that can be referenced, but I’ve been unable to do so. Additionally, although there is a FileRemoved event attached to WebFileUploader, the only method available is RemoveAllFiles, so maybe it’s feast-or-famine?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

– Mike Nagel

I forgot to mention that I’m on 2020r1.2. That’s probably an important distinction. :slight_smile:

I was searching for the same thing. Still no solution?

Nothing so far. If I recall correctly, I changed my app to only load one file at a time. Not as good, but it works.