Delete an Addressbook Group

I am trying to delete a Group that is defined in Contacts Apples Address book. I have a method that goes through and grabs all Contacts from personal to Group including the UniqueID

To use I click on a group that is displayed in a Listbox. The UniqueID was already found and is associated with that Cell I clicked on which is something to the affect of [quote]6836C3FD-0C6D-46BF-BFEE-0E0407AEFFE4:ABGroup[/quote] and is the value contained in this_group_ID

From there I am using the following to locate and then delete the m

[code] Dim Address_Book_Record as AddressBookRecord
Dim Address_Book_Group as AddressBookGroup
Dim this_group_ID As String

this_group_ID = GroupList.cell(GroupList.ListIndex,1)
for each group in groups
// If the Group ID matches then Delete the Group
if group.UniqueID = this_group_ID then
Address_Book_Record.UniqueID = this_group_ID
Address_Book_Group.Remove (Address_Book_Record)
The only problem is that this statement [quote] Address_Book_Group.UniqueID = group.UniqueID[/quote] throws an Error: This method cannot accept an assigned value (it lacks an Assigns parameter.)

[quote]this_group_ID[/quote] is a global String parameter

I have made an assignment to the Addressbook Record as identified in XOJO documentation

 aAddressBookRecord.UniqueID = newStringValue

Tried several attempts but failed to find a solution.

Any thoughts on what is needed? - Thanks