Default Port in TCPSocket pulldown doesn't work

Before I file a feeback report (assuming I can get feedback to work again), has anyone else seen this?

In a TCPSocket’s default properties, you can choose a port from a pulldown menu. This menu can be edited to add specific sockets, and that works fine. But when you select a socket the pulldown remains blank. It seems to be accepting the selection, but it’s not displaying it.

2021 r2.1

Yes, I see this too. It’s never affected me before, though, as I always create sockets in code.

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ok, thanks. feedback submitted

I saw it too, around two weeks ago. Since I used a workaround (define the port in code), I didn’t attempted to make a feedback case (some of them are still open, 10 years after being created, and some without any workaround; that’s demotivating).

Just checked the feedback status for this case and it has been verified as a bug and fixed. Thanks, @Greg_O_Lone !