Default directories used for projects and executables?

OK. so it appears I cant pick a directory that I want my projects and or executables to land in. Can anyone tell me what the default directories are? I cant seem to find my executable after doing a build. I’m running under Windows 10.

Save your project.

The build will either be directly next to your project file or in a Builds - MyProject folder depending on your “Use Builds Folder” setting.

I looked in settings but don’t see an entry for Use Builds Folder nor anyplace to specify it.

Del Thompson

In the Navigator on the left, there is a “Build Settings” section at the bottom. Select “Shared” and then look in the Inspector on the right. You’ll find “Use Builds Folder” as the first switch under the “Build” section.

You can’t specify the builds folder location. It will be “Builds - MyProjectFileName”. This is by design. If you have a multi-platform build you’ll notice they build in a random order every time. This is also by design.

I see all that but where are these files going? are they in the same directory as the xojo program? I’m obviously confused here. Are you saying I have no way of directing my source code to a directory of my choosing? If so, where is it(e.g. when I start a new program and save it where does it go?)


No, they end up in the same folder as your save file.

Not exactly. You can choose where your source code file lives, you can’t choose where the Build goes. The build will always be next to your save file, or in a folder named Builds - MySaveFileName (also next to the save file).

Wherever you selected from the save file dialog.

Duh…Just realized I haven’t been saving it anywhere but wherever the default is whatever that is. I got it now. Thanks for your help!