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I have an app which can be started multiple times (different locations on disc). And I wanna add Deeplinks too it. Like register with app starts Deeplink_1, Deeplink_2 etc.

My Problem is, with a deep link or associated file extension OSX just looks for the first “” and not for a specific path to the app (as all copies of the app have the same bundle identifier) But I want to open a specific app path with the deep link.

does anyone have an idea how to solve this? (w/o writing an own helper app)

thanks and kind regards

You can ask the launch services database for all apps with the bundle id. Then you get a full path and do a launch on the folderitem that you need.

Thanks for the reply but I wanted a solution without a helper app :slight_smile:

Found the solution now by myself.

Solution: I modify the info.plist during the runtime now (URL types) with different urls (app1_v1:// app1_v2:// etc) and restart the app. Works like a charm :slight_smile: I am using the xCode PlistBuddy to make the changes.