Dedicated IP addr?

With the cloud service, can one get a dedicated IP address? Is there a firewall?

This would be used for my potential customer that sells musical instruments. It’s just a little mom and pop store. I wrote another question and several folks answered. This forum is the best. Everyone here is so nice, and I just want to say thank you.
I’m asking about the above, because I want to make sure I have security worked out, etc. I realize a compiled app is harder to hack, etc…

This customer already has an ecommerce site, but they have no one to admin it, and they have no clue as to what or how to do so. They had someone build them a site and evidently received no training. Also, I want to build them a site with a database where they can change content and products, etc, via a database backend, and of course the changes show up immediately so they can sell online.

Hope all that made sense.
BTW. What version of XOJO would I buy for both desktop and web dev?
Thanks so much.

it’s a virtual private server, so you have your own IP and there is a Firewall.

You may buy Xojo for Web only, but I would recommend to get the Pro version with everything.

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Tim, Xojo web is a great tool for what you’re proposing. I’ve used it for an App similar to what your wanting to do. It’s been up and running now for several years without a hitch and no security problems.