Declares dylib in Frameworks folder Xojo 2021

In my app MidiGender I use declares to libfluidsynth.dylib and it’s dependencies. With Xojo 2020 everything works fine, using Xojo 2021 there’s no sound. Someone aware of any changes? I don’t get any warnings/errors, any clue on where to start searching?
I’m on intel mac running macOS Monterey, and as said, there’s no issue with Xojo 2020.
Grateful for any help

In 2021r1 we upgraded the Intel macOS SDK to 11.0 (it had been upgraded in the previous release for ARM). That’d be the biggest change.

Does that mean I’d have to compile fluidSynth using macOS SDK 11 to get it working?

It’s possible. If that’s something you can do, I’d say try it.

Another possibility after doing a web search… if you are on an M1 machine, are you sure your library is compiled for ARM?

Still intel mac, the ARM-thing would be the next challenge :wink:

Finally got it working! Installed fluidsynth with MacPorts and changed dependency paths using otool and install_name_tool.
Next challenge is how to bundle the libs for ARM and x86_64 for universal distribution.