Declares directly into the runtime via Lib "" are no longer allowed

My app utilizes the Lib compression library that is available on GitHub. I have been using it my app on Mac OS for months with no issues. When I try to deploy to Xojo Cloud I encounter the error message above. The declares are set to soft to resolve at runtime so I was a bit surprised by the error message. The library setting in the declare is “#zlib1”. Thanks for any help.

Could you show us what the entire declare line looks like?

Soft Declare Function compressBound_ Lib zlib1 Alias “compressBound” (sourceLen As UInt64) As UInt32

This is one of about 7 messages

Sorry. 7 Declares

#zlib1 is a string constant that changes depending on the platform, but defaults to an empty string. If Xojo cloud counts as a different platform from Windows, OS X, and Linux then that would explain this error.