Declare with "void*"

I’m writing a declare and one of the parameters is “void*”. I thought I could just pass a memory block (new MemoryBlock(4)), but my function isn’t loading.
It could be something else, but I’m not positive how to deal with void*

Input appreciated.,

What about a Ptr and pass in Nil?

I didn’t try that. I will. Thx.


(check call)
(check call) name As Ptr (if using memoryblock)
ByRef name As (check call) (if intrinsic)
name As (check call) (if NOT intrinsic)

Julian, what a helpful page. Thank you.

No probs, if you’re using 2018r1 and onwards you could try my reformat code script:

Then you can just type the declares inline and it converts them auto-magically :wink:

I shall try.