Declare Function for special dll, win8

my application makes use of a special dll.
I placed it into the appFolder and with win7 all worked fine.

With win8
RS2012r2.1 cannot find the dll anymore. Same with XOJO2013/2014.
I tried to place the dll into the Libs folder and into the system32 folder.
But it cannot be found.

If I write the absolute Path in letters

Soft Declare Function *** Lib "C:\\...***.dll" alias ...

all works fine again!

But I would prefere to have it more flexible, for example if the user’s drive is different to c:\.
With XOJO2014 I still cannot use a flexible variable with Soft Declare Function, only a constant.
(compare the discussion at

Does anyone has a suggestion to me?

why not write relative path like “libs\test.dll”?

Thanks Christian for this quick reply. It works well with the build application.
Concerning the DebugBuild it is more complicated.
I set to constants dllAbsPath and dllRelPath and wrote the code:

if DebugBuild then Soft Declare Function testFunction Lib dllAbsPath alias ...) as integer ret=testFunction (t) else Soft Declare Function testFunction Lib dllRelPath alias ...) as integer ret=testFunction (t) end if