Debugging Xojo Plugins


I know that debugging is a tricky part when it comes to create libraries.
For Xojo I found, that running with valgrind under linux can give me a lot of useful informations, especially finding all these memory leaks in xojo :wink:

Nevertheless, it takes some time for the whole procedure and I’m asking, if there may be some mechanism where I am able to access the exception stack of Xojo. Or at least to provide a little bit more debug information.
At the moment I’m writing all debug output to a file, since a common debug-interface for xojo and my plugins isn’t near to reach.

Or if the exception stack/debug stack is a hidden secret - how do you debug your Plugins?

I’m looking forward to hear your ideas.


You can make a test app in xojo and build it.
Than let the Xcode or Visual Studio copy the debug plugin into the right folder.
And than launch the app in the debugger to debug the plugin.

Thank you for your insights.

I’m sorry, since I do have neither Xcode nor have VS - but I think this funciontality is not a Apple/MS-constrainment, or?

So, where do I get this debug plugin from? I’m through all the directory structures but without a hit… It would be very nice to have access to the debug-system of xojo as you described.

you can compile plugin and include debug symbols for debugger as an option.
Not sure what you do exactly.

Ok, that was my question.
How do I create debug symbols?
The only available method with ‘Debug’ is the check if Xojo is running in debug mode (bool REALInDebugMode(void):wink:

That’s a checkbox in Xcode or Visual Studio.

Ok, these were the both IDEs I don’t have. I’ll take a look at what they are doing.