Debugging on Raspberry

Is there a solution to debug? I did not find a remote debugger for Raspberry / ARM.

Remote Debugging to Raspberry Pi is not available yet.

For the time being, you can use System.DebugLog to see output when running the app from Terminal.

Can we expect that, once the debugger works with RasPi, we can also run it without a license from the debugger, like it works on the other platforms? Because, I’m not eager to buy the RasPi license without being able to first test how it works for my needs.

I agree with Thomas, same for me. As with long time VB experience i’m very impressed from the functionality of Xojo as it is mostly very similar. Currently i’m working in a project for a control interface with a RPI2 coded in Python and TKinter but in Basic it would be much easier for me but before i do purchase i need to test the funkctionality and the performance

I tried to pitch this idea to Geoff, CEO of Xojo, but he didn’t seem to get me, instead telling me that it’ll not take too long until they have a working debugger, or something like that. So, that probably means just another half yeaf of waiting instead of making my idea a reality almost instantly.

Indeed, I pitched Xojo to my local maker group, but we couldn’t figure out how to make the licensing work, so are waiting for remote debugging to proceed.

I do understand that until LLVM debugging is sorted there isn’t a show of remote debugging for Pi, so when we can debug our 64bit apps I’m sure it’ll be just around the corner if not release at the same time.

For what it may be worth, the Pi license is very much worth the cost.

Building for Pi makes you will improve as a programmer not pressing Ctrl_B too often, since building with LLVM for PI takes. sooooooo long each time.

Business-logic can mostly be tested within just a 32-bit desktop-project, before bringing to the PI.

That’s what I’ve been doing. I create a sample project to get the GPIO working and once that’s done I work on the rest of the project that can easily run on Mac/Win/Linux and then integrate them later on.

I also have a debug window that I can send log events to. It’s an old-school approach but it works.

I have not had this problem but then my app isn’t very big yet. I noticed that 2016 R2.x build times are better and I think R3 is even better.