Debugging iOS

This seems a naive question:

Im doing my annual 'lets have a look at the state of iOS development’
(I confess I dont usually get very far before getting annoyed)

This time I added 1 canvas to a view, to which I added this PointerDown event, with a breakpoint in it .

dim x as double dim y as double x = pos.X y = pos.y

I run the app, up comes a phone view in the simulator, there’s my canvas - I click on the canvas, nothing happens.

I add code to say Label1.text = “PointerDown”, and yes, the pointerdown was detected… the label text does change.
Doesn’t debugging WORK in iOS development, (if no, what’s the point of a breakpoint) or do we have to resort to logging / messageboxes?

Breakpoints should work fine in iOS. I tried your example, setting a breakpoint in the PointerDown event and it was triggered.

Try it again but this time bring Xojo to the front after clicking the Canvas because I’ve seen the IDE not refreshing properly after a breakpoint is triggered, and bringing it to the front may sort things.