Debugging in Kubuntu Linux

Hello all,

I am relatively new to Linux, and having read a post in another area, someone with far more experience than none (me) wrote that there is no substitute for developing on the target (linux) environment. I tried using Virtualbox, but as the post said, it was lacking - at least in my experience which admittedly suffers from inexperience.

So I took an old notebook, put a new SSD in it and installed Kubuntu 16. Xojo starts fine, runs fine, opens the file fine and even compiles and debuged my first app - which is a desktop app with GUI perfectly. Made it much easier to debug.

However, next I went to a larger console app. In debug, I put break points initially where I thought I needed them. Then I added them to the Run event. However when i click the start icon, it appears to start - shows compiling - but never gets to any breakpoints AND does not open any console window - like it did with Windows. After trying a few things with permissions on the files for Xojo and the source code, and without success, I am hoping that someone on this forum might be able to direct me to a possible cause/solution.

Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated!