Debugger not showing variables!

All of a sudden I can’t see variable values in the debugger. I see the variable names, but not values (and there’s no button on the right that I can click on). In the The Variables popup is empty!

This occurs with the 2014R2.1 and newer. I’ve trashed the xojo .plist file and cleared the xojo caches. I’ve rebooted the Mac. Still nothing. Any other suggestions?

To answer my own question, the problem seems to be a bug in the variable listbox columns. There is a spurious 3rd column (empty) and the splitter between column 2 and 3 (1-based) was overlaid with the splitter between 1 and 2. So column 2 was invisible. I can open it now, thank goodness. There still is the spurious column 3, but I can ignore that.

Thanks to your post I found a solution for this trubble with RB 2012r2.1
Draw the variables part of the debugger as wide as you can!
Then it is possible to adjust the columns.