Debugger: Malicious termination occurred

I’m trying to debug from Mac to a Tablet PC running Win 10 and I’m getting the error:

“Failed to connect properly. Malicious termination occurred”

Wow… such an accusation :slight_smile:

I’m running the Remote Debugger application on the Windows box as admin. Has anyone else seen this? Ideas of how to resolve?

I recall seeing that message with connection issues in one version, but the message changed to something about connection failure without the implication the next release.

Message aside, it’s still a connection issue. What version of the IDE? What version of Remote Debugger? Have you verified all connection details are correct?

2018 1.1
debugger that came with that build.
The connection details should be correct as they auto-populated in the IDE.
I’ve done a ton of remote debugging over the years and this is a first.

I can trigger connection issues by putting my Win10 machine to sleep with the Remote Debugger app open and listening. However, a reboot of Windows and the IDE usually fixes everything. My procedure is: Quit IDE, Restart Windows, Launch Debugger, Launch IDE if that helps any.

When I get that I usually restart the Remote Debugger Stub and the IDE and the problem usually corrects itself.

Also might want to check Firewall settings in Windows to make sure the Remote Debugger Stub is allows to communicate on Public & Private networks. I get this a fair bit when I’m traveling and am on different networks.

Hm. Looks like the malicious implication is back in 2018r2.
I don’t really like that, but it’s their image.

I run into “Malicious termination” when I tried to debug some Raspberry console code. And found this discussion.

After some struggle I solved this by deleting RDS.config file. That made the RDConsole ask & redo its settings. After which the connection worked. Maybe I had the old ip there or something like that.