Debug My Application

I have Real Studio but I have not used it for a couple of years. I wanted to go to the forum to ask a question and I was at XOJO. Is this Real Studio?
Did someone called XOJO buy them out or did Real Studio just do a name change?

I tried to make a change in a program and I received a message from Norton/Symantec that Debug MY Application is a Trojan Horse.
Threat name was Sonar.Heuristic.120
Is there a problem?

Xojo changed their name. And that is a false positive. It is safe to make an exception in your anti-virus for Xojo apps.

We changed our name about a year ago. Here is the announcement:

Norton has been know to give false positives from time to time. It will likely go away with the next update that gets downloaded.

‘Heuristic’… anytime you see that in any virus scanner/guard notification, then it is very likely to be a false notification. Today’s A/V’s use what they believe as ‘smart’ detection capabilities, which look for ‘suspicious’ activities that they think may be a virus or trojan that IS NOT YET entered into their detection database. Problem is, there are a thousand legitimate reasons why a new application may open a port, or any other activity the scanner/guard determines COULD be unsafe. Best thing to do is just disable ‘Heuristic’ scanning. I know some people will believe they’re less safe from doing this, but there’s no guarantees that having this enabled that you will catch viruses or trojans that aren’t yet in a database, nor is it guaranteed (obviously) that it won’t generate false alarms. With my experience, it has only come up on software that I know doesn’t contain a virus.

Re Sonar.Heuristic.120 problem, I think I successfully got around this by doing the following:

Launch Norton Security Suite
Click on the Settings tab at the top
Click on Antivirus icon
Click on the Scans and Risks tab
Click on +Configure on the line that says "Items to Exclude from Auto-Protect, SONAR and download intelligence Detection.
Click on the Add button.
Select Add - Folders and add the Xojo folder in the C:\Program_Files(x86)\Xojo folder and your folder with your Xojo projects.
Select Apply and make the changes permanent

If that doesn’t do it, also go to the Antivirus icon / Automatic Protection tab and turn off Sonar Protection or at least set Remove Risks Automatically to “Ask me.”

Hope that helps.

Thanks to all of you for your help. I have made the recommended changes to Norton/Symantec and will try it out.
Thanks again.