Debug mode 2022R3.2 Stops suddently

I’m testing a web app in 2022R3.2 and debug mode stops suddently.

In other versions it doesn’t happen

Does it always stop in the same place?

No. Not always stops at same plac,. and it stops without breakpoint or any kind of info in the app.

Try using Run Paused and the launching the app using Terminal or CMD.exe. When it stops, you may get a crash report.

Thanks. I will try

I have the crash report, but I can’t identify where the problem is.

Sig[2].Name=Marca de tiempo de la aplicación
Sig[3].Name=Nombre del módulo con errores
Sig[4].Name=Versión del módulo con errores
Sig[5].Name=Marca de tiempo del módulo con errores
Sig[6].Name=Código de excepción
Sig[7].Name=Desplazamiento de excepción

I wonder if it is related to to which Ricardo replied:

this is expected, as the browser will close the connection if isn’t receiving a response within 30 seconds. But we should be able to keep the connections longer while debugging.

I find it hard to do any serious debugging when the debugger disconnects so fast. Ricardo mentioned he might be able to push the timeouts. I never had a crash like Jordi though.

I can’t enter into the link (not found)

I’m modifying all functions to get exceptions for all types.

I will relaunch the app with all the exceptions to know if the system detects anything in any function or Timer.

If not i will open an issue, because the app is crashing without interaction and closing. And this converts the app in an inoperative app.

Because in production the app crashes too.