.Debug file not deleted

Using Xojo 2021r2.1, when I load and run a locked project, the .debug file is never deleted; I have to do that on the next reload/run…

Do not ask me why the project is locked, I forgot.

I’ve certainly seen that on a network drive before now. Never quite worked out what it was, but I think you can still rename it and get back to work.

a. Network: not the case.This is with a HDD (or a SSD: I go directly to the Project folder with a Cmd-Click in the Project Name in the IDE Window Bar)

b. Surprising the first time, Oh Ya (the second time) and “boring” (starting the third time), but in the Finder:

Select the .debug item,
Cmd-Shift-Del and I redo the run.

Locally I’ve only seen it happen when Sherlock or AntiVirus software was “reading” the file, preventing the deletion. Does the problem go away if you disable your AV software?

I do not have one.

I said earlier: the project file is locked. This is the only locked project I run as is and it is the only .debug file that is not deleted at run debug quit time.

So, my conclusion is:

.Debug file not deleted when its project file is locked.

The only way I can think of that happening is if Xojo’s code was testing for a lock on the debug file, but mistakenly tested the project file instead. It seems unlikely, but possible. Have you raised an Issue for it?

I just tried with a .xojo_project file and it doesn’t happen.

Doh ! That project is on an external HDD, but why this would matters ?

When the project is not locked, ots parent folder mOdification Date is changed (even if I change nothing in that unlocked project).

OK, I cannot test 'cause I do not have that hard disk with me (I forget it whe I left home earlier today).

But I will if I have the chance to remember when back home later today.

I’m seeing this on macOS Xojo 2022r2. Every time I run the console app I’m working on the .debug folder persists.

It’s not on a locked volume or network drive.

For the testing, I loaded the locked project, fired it and played with the application until I get a crash…

Run and get:

The .debug file was not deleted on crash too.

Running Xojo 2021r2.1. I am waiting the last Monterey (12.5.1) update download, so I will test under 2022r2.

Xojo 2022r2 does not delete the .Debug file at project load time nor when I hit the Run button.

And… it does not delete the .debug file too.

Locked or not do change nothing. I fired another version of the project located in the same folder (external HDD) and it behave the same… I copy bith projects in the internal SSD and… the .debug file is still here.

The mystery deepens…

PS: funny, the projects I copies into my internat SSD (only the binary files) searched the support files in the external HDD (images and so)… Once I ejected the HDD, I get complains. But I deleted the project before the last run (the project was in memory)…

I couldn’t find a pertinent meaning for error code 39 :man_shrugging:
Is it internal to Xojo?

I do not know, but…

Maybe the quit process does not goes normally in this project and thus the .debug file is not deleted because of that.

It may be my fault, after all. In this application (project), I save the Recents Menu contents to disk on quit. There can be some conflict with Monterey (it is a many years old project… saved with Xojo 2021r2.1).

The “.debug” folder being not deleted is something I’m getting too often, so it’s not a problem on your side.
The best way to understand the problem is to figure out what the error code 39 means (after all, that’s the only hint we have).