Debug cannot connect

I set up a dedicated Windows machine for testing.
Its been fine for days.
Today I cannot debug.

I get a messages to say
‘The debug application cannot connect back to the Xojo IDE…software firewall…packet filter… ports 13897 or 60554 … reconfigure your firewall…’

What the heck ?
Anyone actually know what to do to get this working?
Windows 10 Home 64 bit
Xojo 2015 R3

What did you try to get it working?
Hate to ask, but did you check those ports on your firewall, or (the usual culprit) antivirus software?

This could be a security partition issue. Are both the IDE & debug article in the same partition? By this I mean if you are running a 64bit debug have you changed the security setting to administrator, but the IDE is running as user?

tbh… no idea how.
But a restart has made it work again. Maybe ruddy AVG getting over keen

Yup just me, admin user , one drive.

I am getting this same error… restarted multiple times, and same thing