Debug application cannot connect back to the Xojo IDE

I use Xojo almost daily, and never have any problems. I was connected to a Lotus Notes database with ODBC. I used task manager to stop execution of an application, and since then I get the error below.

“Debug application cannot connect back to the Xojo IDE. This is most likely due to a software firewall or packet filter not allowing localhost network traffic on ports 13897 or 60554.”

Windows firewall is off, and I rebooted my computer several times. I am using Windows 10. Any suggestions?

Which is the application you stopped?

I was connecting to Lotus Notes with a Xojo application that I was developing. I am able to compile, but I cannot debug, even with a simple Xojo app with no database connectivity.

Do you use an antivirus software, which may block traffic on the mentioned ports?
Try to temporarily deactivate it (if possible, only its own firewall) and try again.

I will try this. I have to contact my IT department to disable the antivirus software. The strange thing is that everything was fine until I stopped the Xojo debugging with the task manager.

After waiting 24 hours, and rebooting again, everything works. I didn’t change the antivirus or the firewall. I just waited, then rebooted. Re-booting immediately did nothing. I assume shutting down Notes with the task manager caused some network issues that took a while to resolve.

I had the same problem a few months ago. What did the trick for me, was to disable the network connection and re-enable it.