Debug app in Xojo folder

Why does Xojo suddenly create the debug app in the Xojo folder?

How do I get the app back to the usual project folder? I’ve already restarted Xojo.

Xojo 2019r3, High Sierra.

Maybe this is the same as for me since Xojo2019r2.1.

Thanks, Andre. Why did Xojo decide to change that on it’s own? Anyways, problem is solved.

I have checked that this happened even earlier, since Xojo 2018r4 this was the case. I should have noticed this MUCH earlier.

Maybe something to do with Norman leaving and his job taken over by some one else? I realy don’t know. Before r2018r4 that field contained “N/A” (=Nirwana ??? ;P).

at r3 Debug Destination is empty by default and the debug build go in to project folder.

You know that the usual customer says: it worked, I didn’t change anything and then it didn’t work anymore.

he he i agree :slight_smile:

maybe it happened accidentally after converting a project to new xojo version?
if you start a new project at mac os the destination is empty for you?
the path of your project is still the same?

Project was converted to Xojo 2019r3 early in the beta.
No new project.
Path is still same (changing paths was traumatic before).