Debian version of XOJO?

This is my first post so I hope I am in the right area for this question. I want to use XOJO for Raspberry Pi (on a Pi 4 running UBUNTU Mate). The Pi book states that XOJO must be run on a (say) Windows PC and the program transferred to the Pi for execution, but there is a Debian 64-bit download on the Pi page that seems to indicate that XOJO can be installed on the Pi? Why is there a Debian version?
Thanks in advance

The XOJO part that is installed and then runs on the Pi under Debian/Raspbian etc is for remote debugging. The windows PC running XOJO communicates with that XOJO component on the Pi so the application can be transferred and debugged. Hope that makes sense.

Xojo CAN create apps for Raspberry Pi BUT There is NO XOJO “for Raspberry Pi”, that is a huge difference.

On the Pi page or in the Xojo Page?

Anyway, in the Xojo page the is a Debian 64-bit download BUT the Raspberry OS is not a Debian 64-bit, it is a Debian ARM 64-bit.

Thanks for the prompt reply. Shame there’s no XOJO for the Pi, it would be good to be able to develop on it. That clears up my query - thanks again.

Unless RPi’s have gotten several orders of magnitude faster than they used to be, you’d find them to be way too slow to run the Xojo IDE.

Well - using ExaGear - I’ve had Xojo running on Pi for a few years now. ExaGear company itself is no longer around but there may be similar companies if you do a Google search? (They sold out and closed down) ExaGear is a life saver for me though on a few occasions where a native debian application is needed (usually propriety pre-built binary software requiring serials/keys).

*It’s a VM layer that’s sits atop Linux on Pi, and runs at native, not emulated speed… Like qemu would.

It is slow :slight_smile:

Yes, good point. I will stick to Python and wxFormBuilder - thanks for the reply.